I had a closer look at the frost/keypool/*tmp-chunk* files while
download a big file, which was splitted into 100 chunks.

I noticed, that chunks in the middle were zero bytes or less than the
"SplitFile.Blocksize" and were not growing anymore, while new chunks were
created and grew.

I think, that the following error messages belongs to that fact, that
some chunks were dead:

one of them:

Jan 17, 2003 5:02:22 PM
(freenet.node.ds.FSDataStoreElement$KeyInputStreamImpl, Finalizer):
Please close() me manually in finalizer: Key: <some_long_key> Buffer: 
freenet.fs.dir.NativeFSDirectory$ExternalNativeBuffer@3b88f2 New: true ( 0 of 1025 
java.lang.IllegalStateException: unclosed
        at java.lang.ref.Finalizer.invokeFinalizeMethod(Native Method)
        at java.lang.ref.Finalizer.runFinalizer(Finalizer.java:86)
        at java.lang.ref.Finalizer.access$100(Finalizer.java:17)
        at java.lang.ref.Finalizer$FinalizerThread.run(Finalizer.java:163)
StateChain started at Fri Jan 17 16:59:32 CET 2003
Current state: Request Done @ <some_short_key>

manually closing and restarting freenet gave the following information:

Jan 17, 2003 5:08:42 PM (freenet.node.rt.DataObjectRoutingStore, main):
Removing orphaned property 0x0 : <some_long_key>

This is truly a bad bug, because if all chunks are downloaded, the file
is assumed to be ready to be copied to the download directory, right?

Does Java have no bugtracking system to force closing those elements

What would be a workaround, until this bug is not resolved?

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