Am 25.01.2003 09:30:01, schrieb Nizar Khachik <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

>Dear Sir/Madam,
>Is your program by pass the proxy in UAE & Saudi and kindly advise how
>to configure the software to be best effective and quick ?

The Freenet Daemon must be able to connect to other nodes on the Internet.
FNP (Freenet Node Protocol) now uses TCP; the most nodes listen on ports
between 1024 and 65535. If your Internet Service Provider allows to
establish those connection to the Internet, then you can run Freenet.
If your ISP allows only connections to the Internet by standard services
like WWW, eMail, news, [...] over their proxyservers then you have bad luck.

Freenet works best on a fast computer with a fast Internet connection;
on a fixed IP address and a open TCP port (other nodes tries to contact
your node on this port) and when you run Freenet all the time.

If you can run Freenet, then there's "no limit" for information,
no possibility to censor something.

Freenet is beta software. It's possible that Freenet works better/
over more connection types (like over eMail) and other things
in a higher version. Try it out!



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