I would like to behave all mailinglist users (this includes the
developers, too !) to act as follows, when answering mails:

- cut off quotings you are not answering to
- configure your email client to have quotings left beginning with ">"
- put your answer to the bottom of the mail, or, at least, put empty
  lines between quotings and your answer when answering in between the

This would help reading the ml for readers which recieve a lot of mails
a lot to keep this ml being reader-friendly.

Thank you very much for your time reading, understanding and folling

FYI: Not all of you have a graphical monitor with a high resolution, 
and finding the nescessary information at the very top few lines is 
reader-friendly and saves time and keeps being happy when reading it.
Besides of that, it would save a lot sending/recieving mails for there
are modem-user, too.

Again, thank you very much.


which was standard, when usenet what up-to-date and which should be
standard for ml-lists nowadays.


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