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>On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 10:26:35PM -0800, AARG!Anonymous wrote:
>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] scriveva:
>> > >> is happy to run on build 552; it is slow because run on a
>> > >>  slow system; the memory profile and resource use of kaffe
>> > >>  is far better respect sun jre.
>> > >> Take care of this compatibility; IMHO is more important
>> > >>  then that the mean Freenet developer think.
>> > >
>> > >It crashes in minutes on my machine. The developers have been somewhat
>> > >nonresponsive, the bugs seem to be deep magick and the Project Leaders
>> > >have determined that we don't need to spend money making Kaffe work wi=
>> > >Freenet.
>> >=20
>> > This statement is very important; IMHO the Freenet Project=20
>> >  need an explicit position on that question.
>> >=20
>> > Project Leaders, can we hear you ?
>> >=20
>> > Releasing the main code under GPL is ineffective, if the
>> >  .jar need proprietary software; in my understanding
>> >  the use of the GPL licence is incorrect; I think in
>> >  this case LGPL is the right type of licence.
>> >=20
>> > Anyway, till Freenet remains in java, dropping the Kaffe
>> >  compatibility IMHO is a fundamental mistake, both from
>> >  the point of view of free software and from the security.
>> >=20
>> > The only other way to solve this problem is IMU, to=20
>> >  release a C (or other freely compilable/runnable language)
>> >  version
>> Totally agree with Marco: this shows my old sensation, Freenet is a good
>> project but not its developer group :-(
>Yeah yeah whatever. We can release a C version, but that means no new
>features, no significant bugfixes and no speed improvements for a year.
>And we need you to fund me to the tune of $1,250/month for all that
>time. And finally it would be much easier to go to C++ and it would run
>on almost as many platforms. A year is probably an underestimate for C,
>since it'd have to be pretty much a complete reimplementation.

AFAIK, Mattew, you are probably the only person in the
 world (if any) that understand the overall Freenet
 software architecture.

Can you try to explain me why a software that run
 smootly in the stable version (552) on Kaffe 1.0.7,
 so desperately need other java features
 in the developement branch ?

It is really impossible to find a trade off
 between new developement and the existing
 features of Kaffe ?

What new vital feature need it ?

I need just one good reason to change my mind.

Thanks a lot for your patience .....

Ciao.   Marco

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