Pooled Thread Consumers
Class Threads used
freenet.Message: ClientPut 1
freenet.interfaces.LocalInterface$ConnectionShell 1
freenet.client.InternalClient$ClientMessageVector 6
freenet.interfaces.PublicInterface$ConnectionShell 1
Checkpoint: Fetching ARK freenet:SSK 30
freenet.OpenConnectionManager$ConnectionJob 353
freenet.node.states.request.RequestInitiator 43
freenet.Message: ClientGet 5
freenet.Message: QueryRejected 4

Okay, why the heck do I have 353 ConnectionJob instances?!

Linux version 2.4.19-16mdk (Mandrake 9.0)
Node Version0.5 Protocol Version 1.46 Build Number 555 CVS Revision1.90.2.31
Frost version 20030126 (Z)
9 TCP sockets open from Frost to port 8481
maximumThreads set at 50, defaultResetProbability set at 

What the *BLEEP* is going on here? Why is Fred spawning off hundreds and 
hundreds of connection threads even though I have maximumThreads set at 50?!
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