Toad wrote:

Reading between the lines... check your log file, have you had many

While gathering the data to answer your question, I found something strange. Get this:

* /servlet/nodeinfo/performance/general reports an uptime of 1 day 16 hours 24 minutes
* My log file started at 12:30pm, Oct 30th
* It is currently 11:30pm, Oct 31st
* That's a time span of only one day and 11 hours! hmmm....
* Also, I notice, strangely, that upstream bw is now reaching as high as 130%.

In answer to your question, here is my first OutOfMemory error. Note the date/time:

Oct 31, 2003 9:19:08 PM (freenet.thread.YThreadFactory$YThread, YThread-5710, ERROR): Unhandled exception java.lang.OutOfMemoryError in job freenet.Message: QueryRejected @[EMAIL PROTECTED] for tcp/connection: 3681>,[EMAIL PROTECTED],[EMAIL PROTECTED], sending null:-1 for [EMAIL PROTECTED] (DSA(bb9b 353f 42ba 692f 9661 f977 321d b395 fa51 af23),tcp/, sessions=1, presentations=1, ID=DSA(bb9b 353f 42ba 692f 9661 f977 321d b395 fa51 af23)): outbound attempts=20:20/40 @ 938bd22ed9a2279e: htl=15, reason=Node overloaded @ 1067663947477

There's a ton of OutOfMemory errors between the first and last. The last one is this:

Oct 31, 2003 9:57:57 PM (freenet.thread.YThreadFactory$YThread, YThread-5751, ERROR): Unhandled exception java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 10000 >= 10000 in job freenet.Message: DataRequest @[EMAIL PROTECTED] for tcp/connection: 1727>,[EMAIL PROTECTED],[EMAIL PROTECTED], sending null:46254 for [EMAIL PROTECTED] (DSA(ce25 bb0c 5942 8b7e 8019 6cec 64e0 f41e 0c0b 0856),tcp/, sessions=1, presentations=1, ID=DSA(ce25 bb0c 5942 8b7e 8019 6cec 64e0 f41e 0c0b 0856)): outbound attempts=20:18/38 @ 6fd7ef27e588bcc5 @ 1067666277759
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 10000 >= 10000
at java.util.Vector.elementAt(Unknown Source)
at freenet.node.StandardMessageHandler$Ticket.received(
at freenet.node.StandardMessageHandler$Ticket.access$100(
at freenet.node.StandardMessageHandler.handle(
at freenet.Ticker$
at freenet.thread.YThreadFactory$

I am using YThreadFactory (obviously) and maximumThreads=300. Also, I'm allocating 128MB to java memory. I'll keep it running until the outgoing bandwidth gets really low.

Recommendations? Or does this indicate a bug needing to be fixed?


On Wed, Oct 29, 2003 at 10:29:49PM -0800, Martin Stone Davis wrote:

I'm using default values for everything. Here are some relevant lines from my freenet.ini:

# Select which implementation of ThreadFactory to use. Q: QThreadFactory (default). F: FastThreadFactory. Y: YetAnotherThreadFactory.

# Should we use thread management? If this number is defined and non-zero, this specifies the max number of threads in the pool. If this is overrun, connections will be rejected and events won't execute on time.

But I'm confused. Why does General Information say maximumThreads=40, while freenet.ini says it's 120 by default? And does this mean the real default value (40) is being set way too low?


Brandon Low wrote:

What is your thread limit?  From the looks of that it is incredibly
low... Also, are you using YThreads or QThreads... what you might want
to do is increase your thread limit to something closer to 200 or 300
and change to YThreads.

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