Freenet stable build 5030 is out. Major changes:
* Makes 5029 mandatory.
* Improvements to the Open Connections page especially in PeerHandler
* Improved plausible deniability for high HTL values.
* Increased default size of failure table to 20,000. This should make it
  much more effective, and only use around 2.5MB more memory.
* Don't try to use seednodes with no address to connect to.
* Don't write deprecated options such as the old overall bandwidthLimit
  to the config file.
* Don't show the key request form in simple mode, it confuses newbies.
* Support relative ?date= in fproxy. Example:
* Finally remove the old datastore code, fix lots of eclipse warnings,
  other code tidying up

Use the or freenet-webinstall.exe utility to upgrade, or get
it from (replace
your existing freenet.jar). By the time you read this mail, certainly
within 20 minutes, the snapshots will have been updated.
Matthew J Toseland - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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