Forwarded from Frost's freenet board:

Set up 5 nodes on 5 different ISP's. Dedicate two of them as insert
nodes, and the other three as fetch nodes.

The two insert nodes continually generate 300KB files from /dev/urandom
and insert them into Freenet. They keep track of the keys corresponding
to the junk they insert, and publish them to a private database
accessible only to the other nodes in the poison-net.

The three fetch nodes are set to have 500 hosts in their routing tables
instead of 50, to have a broader reach on the network. They continually
fetch random keys from the private database (junk inserted by the 2
insert nodes) and request them. This makes the contacted nodes (remember
we have a pool of 500 to affect) think the junk content is popular, and
it stays in their store at the expense of less requested keys.

Now consider instead of 2 insert nodes and 3 fetch nodes, there are 10
insert nodes and 40 fetch nodes. Do you think 50 computers scattered
around the world is a drop in the bucket to RIAA, MPAA? Before we know
it a large portion of everyone's datastore is full of pure shit.

So when will they attack us this way and how do we fight it?
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