I have just started a new node on my SuSE box without any problems.

1) Download tarball.
2) gunzip/tar -vxf
3) cd freenet
4) ./preconfig.sh
5) edit freenet.conf (add ipAddress, and storeSize)
6) forward the freenet listen port on my NAT box
7) ./update.sh
8) ftp over a seed nodes file from another machine
9) ./start-freenet.sh

Note:  If you're not running behind a NAT box or firewall, you can skip step 6.  You 
can most likely skip step 5 too, unless you want a larger datastore (which you should 
do, I use storeSize=4096M).  Last I heard there was some issues with default 
seednodes, so step 8 may be the key with a new install at the moment.  I don't know of 
a graceful way to getting a fresh seednodes file at the moment tho.

> From: Michael <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: 2004/01/01 Thu AM 11:31:33 CST
> Subject: [freenet-support] Help, please.
> I have installed Freenet on my SuSE system.  I have opened the
> appropriate ports.  I have run sh start-freenet.sh --export myref.ref
> and  # sh start-freenet.sh.
> I run on DSL.  Since installing my processor has had major bouts of
> great activity but I am unable to even access the default bookmarked
> sites.  Also, I don't know my own site key.
> I am totally lost here!
> Help, please, anyone!
> Mike
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