Can anyone advise me where I might start looking to modify a node so it rejects all requests outside a small area of keyspace? I presume there must be a routine that accepts requests for further processing, and one it could call to send a rejection. I want to try this not least to see if NGR routing will actually favour this narrow area, over nice, rapid rejections everywhere else, and whether my node's ability to find data in this keyspace will improve. (I have previously put forward the unsubstantiated theory that NGR will only produce specialised routing when this has speed advantages over searching the whole network through as many fast nodes as possible - so I don't expect my node's specialisation to be sustained after switching off this gate, I think this would require either a completely naive network with no data or routing info, or a large proportion of nodes to be "seeded" with an arbitrary specialisation for NGR to build on. However, as no one important agrees this is a possibility, I just want to try one node and see what happens.)

The difficulty I might have with this is illustrated by the fact I always thought Java was an interpreter - but apparently the source code for Fred needs to be compiled in some way - so can someone also recommend a free compiler to go from CVS to the constituents of freenet.jar?
Roger Hayter
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