I'm not able to upload files (> 5MB) into stable-network.

Since some weeks I try to upload some healing blocks into stable network, on average the FEC-block size is 256 KB. Normally I use FUQID 1.3, but because it transfered < 0.1 KB/s and reported a lot of "Insert thread failed. Retrying..." in the log, I also tried it directly with FProxy with the same result.

When I set the Insertion-Thread-Number to a higher value than 5 the "Current messageSendTimeRequest" value in "General Information" of the web interface gets greater than 200%-300%. The maximum was 10000%-15000% when I set the thread number to 30. The "Transfers active" value grows also from ~20-30 to ~180. Fproxy mostly reported "ROUTE NOT FOUND" on blocks where inserting was failed. Also the "Instantaneous local traffic" decreases significately.

Heal HTL: 15
delete key from local node vefore inserting is checked

The upstream bandwith usage is ~ 10000 - 12500 B/sec. (12000 Maximum)
Typically my node is running for periods of 3 - 10 h a day.

Plattform: WinXP Pro
JVM: 1.4.2_03-b02
Freenet: Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.50,5069,CVS:

Detailed System Information: ---------------------------- Plattform: WinXP Pro, Pentium 3, 933 MHz, 512 MB RAM JVM: Sun, 1.4.2_03-b02 Freenet: Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.50,5069,CVS: Internet Connection: DSL: 768 kbit downstream / 128 kbit upstream Data Store: 7 GiB, Percent used: 95 Mean Ustream Traffic: 10000 - 12500 bytes/second unstable.ref: 2004-02-15 Typically number of connections: 100 - 180

diff default.ini/freenet.ini:

# Some Statistics
# Node ran 1 h before I started an upload with 30 Threads
# now it runs ~3 h
# ------
Routing Table status: 18.02.2004 11:27:28 

Number of node references       51
Attempted to contact node references    17
Contacted node references       48
Connections with Successful Transfers   21
Backed off nodes        17
Connection Attempts     1646
Successful Connections  1527
Lowest max estimated search time        0ms
Lowest max estimated DNF time   0ms
Lowest global search time estimate      289962ms
Highest global search time estimate     460245ms
Lowest global transfer rate estimate    2.318 bytes/second
Highest global transfer rate estimate   3.643 bytes/second
Lowest one hop probability of DNF       0,98
Highest one hop probability of DNF      0,99
Lowest one hop probability of transfer failure  0,79
Highest one hop probability of transfer failure 0,92
Single hop probability of QueryRejected 0.29645163211077075
Single hop average time for QueryRejected       87863.09895443736
Single hop probability of early timeout 0.6783154528702626
Single hop average time for early timeout       24009.760728425113
Single hop probability of search timeout        0.9186481377761555
Single hop average time for search timeout      316643.7063678293
Total number of requests that didn't QR 23767
Total number of reqests that timed out before a QR or Accepted  6676
Implementation  freenet.node.rt.NGRoutingTable
#-- Load
Current routingTime     0ms
Current messageSendTimeRequest  7220ms
Pooled threads running jobs     5 (3,8%)
Pooled threads which are idle   25
Current upstream bandwidth usage        11215 bytes/second (93,5%)
Reason for refusing connections:        avgMessageSendTimeRequest(7220,250) > 
Reason for QueryRejecting requests:     Estimated load (100%) > overloadHigh 
(80%)Estimated load (100%) > overloadHigh (80%)
        It's normal for the node to sometimes reject connections or requests for a 
limited period. If you're seeing rejections continuously the node is overloaded or 
something is wrong (i.e. a bug).
Current estimated load for QueryReject purposes 100%
Current estimated load for rate limiting        722% [Rejecting incoming connections 
and requests!]
Reason for load:        Load due to thread limit = 3,8%
Load due to routingTime = 0% = 0% / 100.000% <= overloadLow (50%)
Load due to messageSendTimeRequest = 722% = 722.025% / 100.000% > overloadLow (50%)
Load due to output bandwidth limiting = 93,5% because outputBytes(672911) > limit 
(576000,009 ) = outLimitCutoff (0,8) * outputBandwidthLimit (12000) * 60
Estimated external pSearchFailed (based only on QueryRejections due to load):   
Current estimated requests per hour (based on last 10 mins):    5772.0
Current global quota (requests per hour):       799.4182883301385
Current recommended request interval sent to client nodes       2.147483647E9ms
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