In einer eMail vom Di, 16. März 2004 17:28 MEZ schreibt "Niklas Bergh" <[EMAIL 

>Fwolff said:
>>And to the philosophy of some devs: "RAM is cheap"
>>New SDRAM will be detected only with half of it's normal size or even not
>detected at all in "old" computers
>When I was having problems with half-size-detected issues it turned out that
>it was due to the old motherboard only managing to detect one _side_ of any
>double-sided SDRAMs...
Thats not the problem with new RAM here. double-sided, single-sided, they are all the 
same. they just get detected half. If tested with newest bios, older bios, newer or 
older computers that does not make any difference. It is caused from some changes in 
the SDRAM architecture compared to the old RAM. At least it was explained in this way 
to me. Actually I have some double-sided RAMs, which are way older, running in the 
same computers correctly, in which newer one is only detected half.
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