I had to reinstall Freenet from scratch after an OS crash. It had been running fine. Now I can't, for the life of me, get it passed my router. The virtual server setting in the router still had the previous listenPort so I just changed it to the newly installed freenet.ini entry. I know I'm missing something that's probably obvious to the more experienced.

Based upon the info below, I'm hoping some wise and kind soul might offer some advice!

My D-Link router (DI-604) is set to DHCP server enabled (IP from ISP is dynamically assigned). I've used substitutes for some of the real IP numbers for the sake of privacy, yet the numbers of digits are the same.

In the freenet.ini line:

which one do I use from the router's WAN info?: (My assumption was the IP address)
IP Address XX.XX.XXX.100 Default Gateway XX.XX.XXX.1

I then inserted the listenPort number from the freenet.ini:

into the router's virtual server configurator, where I created this:
( being Private IP, XXXXX/XXXXX being the PrivatePort/PublicPort)
based upon my router LAN specs:
IP Address

I tried (the actual computer using Freenet) and that didn't work either).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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