On Wed, 05 May 2004 00:00:40 +1200, Phillip Hutchings wrote:

> Since I'm unfortunate enough to be on a bandwidth cap I like to monitor 
> where my bandwidth is going so I can shut down anything that's guzzling 
> loads of bandwidth. I do this through simple IPTABLES rules, as it 
> gives a nice breakdown of what's using what.
> Unfortunately, as freenet just claims a random port to connect out on, 
> I can't do this management. I would like an option to restrict the port 
> range bound to if it's possible.

IPtables can look at which user runs the process owning the connection. If
you run freenet as a freenet user then it should be possible to separate
these connections from other connections.

Please post you solution if you get it to work.


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