On 5/05/2004, at 6:56 AM, Ole Tange wrote:

On Wed, 05 May 2004 00:00:40 +1200, Phillip Hutchings wrote:

Since I'm unfortunate enough to be on a bandwidth cap I like to monitor
where my bandwidth is going so I can shut down anything that's guzzling
loads of bandwidth. I do this through simple IPTABLES rules, as it
gives a nice breakdown of what's using what.

Unfortunately, as freenet just claims a random port to connect out on,
I can't do this management. I would like an option to restrict the port
range bound to if it's possible.

IPtables can look at which user runs the process owning the connection. If
you run freenet as a freenet user then it should be possible to separate
these connections from other connections.

Please post you solution if you get it to work.

I checked on that before posting to the list, and the module is only valid in the OUTPUT chain. Since Freenet sends data both ways it's not much use for this.
Phillip Hutchings

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