On 5/05/2004, at 2:18 PM, Martin Scheffler wrote:

I checked on that before posting to the list, and the module is only
valid in the OUTPUT chain. Since Freenet sends data both ways it's not
much use for this.

I use this "-m owner" match, it works well and is sufficient. There is no
point in limiting the input rate (well, at least in most setups), because the
packets already arrived at your box, when you limit them.
The peers slow down after some time, but when your box starts to drop packets
you even lose more bandwith for retransmission.

When you have asymmetric connection, the uplink will be the harder problem.

I don't care about rate limiting, but I do care about bandwidth usage monitoring. I'm going to poke in the freenet source at the weekend and see if I can put the code in...

Phillip Hutchings

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