Edward J. Huff said:
> On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 15:53, Christopher Brian Jack wrote:
>> Please, please, please FIX this and allow direct MTA connections from
>> subscribed members only.
> Testing to see if I can send mail in.  My email is hosted on
> my own server.   I have a "send permitted from" record in the
> DNS for my domain.  Nothing goes through my ISP's mail server,
> but since traffic on port 25 is unencrypted, they can read my
> mail anyway.   They can also find out that I run a freenet
> node by running one themselves and looking at the IP numbers
> they collect.  I know the IP's of over 1000 freenet nodes.

Since I have a static IP my mail isn't blocked. Just one thing, port 25
can be encrypted if the mail servers use TLS between themselves - and it
does work, my logs prove it.

I may consider some sort of relay through my server for posting to the
freenet list only, but that would take more time to implement than I have
free at the moment.

Phillip Hutchings
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