Wayne McDougall <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I just tested and https://freenet.mixmaster.it:4433/servlet/nodeinfo/
> is working
> https://freenet.thing.net/ 
> usually works - doesn't seem to be responding at the moment but worth trying 
> again later.

It was back up again last time I checked.

> > > any suggestions?
> I offer my humble gateway:
> https://freenet.dyns.net:1443

Not surprisingly my gateway got some use after my post. I notice there are 
some regular visitors - probably testing how far their inserts propagate. Good 
idea! So I thought I should offer this warning:

I'm taking my public gateway down for the next 3 days to avoid a bandwidth 
surcharge (the rate limiting bug in 5081 didn't help). Someday I'll put some 
traffic shaper on my router to avoid this.

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