Dear sir/madam,
I am a new user of freenet. I don't know why the followinf message always appear, as it is only very seldom that I can acess the link I want.
The request couldn't even make it off of your node. Try again, perhaps with the GPL to help your node learn about others. The publicly available seed nodes have been very busy lately. If possible try to get a friend to give you a reference to their node instead.

Route Not Found messages mean that your node, or the rest of the network, didn't find the data or enough nodes to send the request to. You should retry, with the same Hops-To-Live; if it persists, there may be a problem (check that your internet connection is working). Try reseeding your node, and if that doesn't work, contact [EMAIL PROTECTED].

Please let me know what is wrong with me. By the way, I didn't set up any node. Is it matter? 



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