You should have no trouble reproducing the problem that arises when the Internect Connection is broken.

I started 5084 and it hit 100% CPU momentarily. Then about 5 minutes later it went to 100% again for about 2 minutes.
I let it run for about 30-45 minutes and it had about 17 connections, connecting actively on 8. Then I simply disconnected
and within a half minute 100% CPU was being used and that persisted. Eventually I was able to make a new connection, but nothing significant resulted except a perhaps 5-10 second drop in CPU usage and then return to essentially 100%. A that level it is
very difficult to interrupted except by killing javaw. But when killed the System Idle process went to about 98, but with wide fluctuation for about a half minute and them overall usage dropped to under 5%.

This is the Windows version on a 2000 Win operating system. So I have no evidence what it might be doing elsewhere. I'm inclined to suspect it cannot recover because it probably does not have the correct address after disconnecting from ISP.

That about all I can do for you. But I will save the log just incase there is anything in the last hour that might be relevant to giving clues on you attempt to identify the problem.


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