Thank you soo much for your help.. I LOVE OPEN SOURCE PEOPLE !!!

> Ok, so let's start over again. Did something show up in the log files?
> I think there might be a hint if the Program was able to get the IP from
> your router or not.

I dont can i check that ?? ddclient.cache ?

The rest later ;-)

> If you got that one working the next step is the connection to dyndns.
> Are there log-messages mentioning dyndns?
> In addition to that you might capture your network traffic and see if
> there are some hints as to what goes wrong.
> If you want you can send me your logfiles and eventually your dumpfiles
> and program-output and I'll see if I can make someting out of it. But
> better not to the list as it might be a little bit voluminous.
> Florian

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