Stephen P. Schaefer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I started a freenet node four days ago, using the default freenet.conf 
> settings, adjusted for being behind a firewall.  A couple days later I 
> increased the storage to 1G, which required restarting fred.  A couple 
> days after that I increased the storage to 30G, again restarting fred. 
> I'm using the latest stable with Sun JDK 1.4.1 on RH8.0 and an approx. 
> 200Mbitps cable modem.

I *think* that freenet.conf is set by default to assume as 256Kbits connection
(based on a rule of thumb of setting limits to half bandwidth capacity).

You would want to adjust:


Those suggested values are in bytes. You may want to adjust, but the default
values would be too low.

I'm no expert, but I'd strongly urge you to consider the 1.4.2 Java release:

> It's working, kindof.  netstat -t -a shows lots of incoming connections 
> to the public port.  

What does FRED have to say for itself?

Have you got active transmitting inbound and outbound connections?

> I'm disappointed that the latency on more that half 
> my retrievals has been in hours; some requests are going into their 
> second day.  I've had one retrieval succeed after 16 hours.  Someone 
> Data Not found
> Is this what I should expect?  Will it get better over time as I become 
> better connected?  

No it's not what you should expect, and yes it will get better.
My personal experience (counts for very little) is that it took 9 days to
become better connected - then suddenyl everything started working
beautifully. You may do better than that with better bandwidth and the
improved Freenet versions. But I'd wait at least that long to see how good
things might be.

> I'm seeing no inordinate load on my machine (Linux); 
> top says the CPU stays between 80 and 90% idle.  After two days, only 2G 
> of the 30G I most recently allocated has been consumed.

Only 2 Gb would be filled over two days at the default bandwidth rate of 
12 000 (versus my suggestion of 12 500 000)!

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