I got a problem with freenet . I am sure I configured freenet correctly and forwarded the right ports I although createt an dyndns.org account only for freenet

To get the node running well (ip in dydns.org database is up to date) !!!!! But when I try to open a site I got the message “…. Sure connected to the Internet..” or “…. Route not Found ..” . And know I got this Error Message !!


Error: Route Not Found


Attempts were made to contact 0 nodes.

0 were totally unreachable.

0 restarted.

0 cleanly rejected.


There is NO Node !!!!

Only if I increase the Hops to live there is one Node which has cleanly rejected my attempt !

The Network load is although very bad if I load a new Reference I got 42 % but after running the node for a while it is only 20 % then 15 %.

What can I DO ??????

Whats going on can anybody help me please ???




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