On Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 10:21:17AM +1200, Phillip Hutchings wrote:
> Joachim Scharfetter wrote:
> >Hi, I have got a "fair use" DSL account with limited download volume.
> >How much download traffic will a permanent freenet node approximately
> >cause?
> >
> As much as your bandwidth allows. On a capped 256/128 connection Freenet 
> managed to use 1.5GB in a day. Now I have a 10GB cap, not good. Anyway, 
> that's the sort of transfer you can expect - lower your 
> averageBandwidthLimit to keep things sane.

I'm amazed that the above still works...
> If it was possible to change these limits on the fly it'd be nice. 
> There's a suggestion for you Toad ;)

Changing bandwidth limits on the fly may be quite difficult, but we'll get
around to it eventually.. :)
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