On Mon, Jul 12, 2004 at 09:31:23PM -0500, David Masover wrote:
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> Toad wrote:
> | On Sun, Jul 11, 2004 at 10:12:19PM -0500, David Masover wrote:
> |
> | Strange. It didn't produce actual error messages? Usually the node
> | responds in a reasonable time nowadays... of course if your browser is
> | set to only use 2 connections it might take a while...
> My browser is set to a bit more, but it still takes at least a few
> minutes to get an error.  I think the error is usually either data not
> found or (more likely) key not found.  These are from the default
> bookmarks -- things like FIND.  Expect fewer 'I thinks' in my complaints
> when I actually have a node running again.
> |>| How much RAM does it have? We have had reports of reasonable performance
> |>
> |>256 megs, but it's also running a lot of stuff --
> |>apache,squid,qmail,djbdns,dhcpd,samba,sshd,bincimap,stunnel
> |>
> |>Admittedly, there's not a lot of load on it, and a lot of that could be
> |>swapped.  But I'm running Linux 2.6, and Top shows 99% CPU in userland,
> |>by Freenet -- not in IO-Wait, where it would be if RAM was an issue.
> |
> | How long after startup? I'd expect a CPU spike for the first hour or
> | two... it should go away after that... but is this on a 200MHz system?
> It is a 200 mhz system, but I usually don't leave Freenet running for
> very long.  Like, I'll run it for an hour in the evening while I try to
> get content (and browse other sites while I'm bored of waiting), and
> then I'll shut it down for the night so my brother can game (he wakes up
> earlier than me).

Okay, you'll never get acceptable performance. Tough. Not much we can do
about it. Well, maybe it'll improve with some future changes...
> | That's not been everyone else's experience :). Seriously, it's not a
> | matter of local node optimisation. It's a matter of optimising THE
> | NETWORK. That means getting routing working.
> Ah, I see.  Still, they are sort of co-dependent.  If a node has a
> massive spike in CPU usage for the first hour, it hurts the network.  If
> the network is slow, it doesn't matter much how fast the local node is.
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