On Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 02:00:16AM +0000, Wayne McDougall wrote:
> fproxy will timeout and then I have to start again. And then it won't even
> grab the parts it previously downloaded successfully :-( So over a period of
> weeks my perception is that I eventually move all the requisite parts into
> my local stored, and then fproxy will download it instantly :-)

What do you mean by TIMEOUT? Do we STILL get that bug? Or does it just
> I certainly don't expect fproxy to be modified but perhaps one easy change
> would be an outer loop so it just circles back and tries again. It's
> probably just my low bandwidth, but I find that I will request something
> (and this includes web pages) and it's not there, and then 5 minutes, 10
> minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours later it's there. 

No, we should fix the bug.
> My assumption has always been that my requests go out in an ever widening
> circle off to where the data I want may be found, but my request timesout
> before it gets back to me. Eventually (by dint of persistent requests) it
> is lodged in local stores that I can reach before timing out.
> > > My interest is websites that can never get slashdotted and can host large
> > > files while sharing the load, rather than file-sharing...
> > 
> > Yeah, that would be cool, if it really worked, and if we had enough
> > hosts to be able to worry about such things!
> Ahh, well I'm here for the long haul....not that I'm any use. :-(
> I am a big fan of the privacy elements also.
> So be encouraged. You're not just creating an anonymous slow file-sharer.
> You know and I know that Freenet is being used for good purposes now
> and I can see lots of potential for the future. 

Is it? Very few.
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