My setup:
Athlon XP 2600 + Barton @2.20 Ghz
512 Ram (192 Java)
Winxp sp1 plus all updates
Data store was 16 GB but is now less than 1 GB (long story but basically I thought maybe the large data store was causing the freeze up so I deleted it and started over.)
Sun Java RTE 1.4.2 (3,4 and 5) same problem with all versions
running stable 5084
Hi fellow freenetters.
I have had a serious setback for the past couple weeks.
About 2 weeks ago was the first time I had this problem..the problem is that freenet (or perhaps java,,not sure) began to freeze up my xp box. Not rock solid, but I was unable to shut down freenet with the systray icon. In fact once I was "frozen" I was unable to open any programs or close any that were already open and would have to hit my reset button to restart. At first I thought it was my mozilla browser because it would freeze after I opened it to see the gateway or stats pages. This would happen within minutes of starting my node. Then I found that even if my node ran for an hour without opening my browser that I would still be frozen. I use DUmeter to monitor my up and downstreams. It seems the connection would choke out after a few minutes?? wtf is going on? I have not changed anything on my end except updates at windows update. ?
Since it first happened a couple weeks ago I have completely redone my system. Fresh format, clean install of windows. Clean install of freenet and I am having exactly the same problem.
I seem to recall someone else a few months back complaining of a similar problem but I have as yet been unable to find a reference in the archives.
Frost runs fine. Fuqid otoh does not. When I try to "abort all tasks" fuqid hangs. But the freeze ups happen when I am not running any freenet apps so I don't think fuqid is the problem.
What about the fact that I have my drives encrypted with dcpp. Would that affect freenet operation? Is there possibly a conflict with the dcpp driver? Now I am grasping at straws because I ran my system encrypted for several weeks before the problems started. damn, I hate computers sometimes. They sure have a knack of humbling one :)
I welcome any suggestions because as it stands now I am unable to run my node at all and unless I can figure out what's going on I will have to ditch the freenet project completely and that would be a shame.
thanks for any and all suggestions.
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