On Sun, Jul 25, 2004 at 12:14:41PM +0200, Marc wrote:
> Hi toad, you wrote
> > Recent builds, both stable and unstable, have a bug that causes
> > connections to fail with crypto related errors. This is probably not due
> > to NativeBigInteger, as it happens on stable, which doesn't have NBI.
> > Iakin has produced it reliably, although most nodes seem to work anyway.
> > It can be reliably reproduced on a local test network. I have made some
> > progress (an identity appears to be corrupted somehow), but I haven't
> > finished yet. I will fix it on Monday.
> Do these errors include the following? This doesn't look crypto related.

It is. The other end got a crypto error.
> 25.07.2004 11:40:14 (freenet.support.io.NIOInputStream, YThread-2822, NORMAL): 
> waited more than 120000ms in NIOIS.read() tcp/connection: 
> java.lang.Exception: debug
>         at freenet.support.io.NIOInputStream.read(NIOInputStream.java:302)
>         at 
> freenet.interfaces.FreenetConnectionRunner.handle(FreenetConnectionRunner.java:81)
>         at 
> freenet.interfaces.LocalNIOInterface$ConnectionShell.run(LocalNIOInterface.java:268)
>         at freenet.thread.YThreadFactory$YThread.run(YThreadFactory.java:285)
> I used ethereal, but forgot to save. So from memory this is what
> happens: Frost sends a ClientHello message, but gets no answer and after
> 2 minutes, fred resets the connection.

This is on FCP? Ouch. Is the node/machine overloaded (CPU-wise?)?
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