Newsbyte wrote:

And that is really crappy: my statusbar is around 1-2% and stays there, no activelinks show up at all, etc.

I'm too noticing lower activity. Bandwidth consumption is for sure lower, and the activelink were too irretrievable (until, casually, my last try. Maybe the critical period is ending). I can't retrieve neither FBNI nor YoYo! (are they being inserted in summer? FIND carries a warning in the front page but the others I don't know).

Anyway, I'm seeing a bunch of these in the logfile:

26-jul-2004 9:30:05 (freenet.node.rt.NGRoutingTable, main, ERROR): Caught Value out of range: 4500000.0 deserializing a NodeEstimator for DataObjectRoutingMemory:tcp/x.9.x.3x:3xxxx, sessions=1, presentations=3, ID=DSA(011f c535 4102 cab4 210f f65d b10d 3441 1374 50df), version=Fred,0.5,STABLE-1.50,5084:011fc5354102cab4210ff65db10d3441137450df Value out of range: 4500000.0

I'm fairly well connected:

Connections open (Inbound/Outbound/Limit)       124 (122/2/512)

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