Stable build 5087 is now available. The snapshots have been updated.
Please upgrade. You can do this on Windows by using the update option on
the start menu. On Linux, OS/X etc, you can update by using the script (and restart the node). You can alternatively shut down
your node and download 
over your existing freenet.jar, then restart your node.

To obtain best performance from this build, you will need to update your
freenet-ext.jar. Shut down the node, download the new freenet-ext.jar
from , copy it over
your existing freenet-ext.jar, and then restart the node. If you do
this, and you are using a supported platform (pentium 2/3/4, athlon, on
windows or linux), you should get a significant reduction in CPU usage
with this build. We have included native code optimizations for the
above platforms for certain heavy math operations that Freenet does
frequently and that Sun's implementation is not good at. Specifically,
on my Athlon XP, I get a factor of 8 performance gain on modPow(), which
is a very common operation in asymmetric crypto, and a big part of
Freenet's overall CPU usage. I also get a factor of 3 gain in
BigInteger.doubleValue(), which is used constantly in routing.

Other changes:
Fixed several major bugs introduced recently, which generally had the
effect of preventing the node from opening connections. These are
hopefully the main causes of the problems reported with 5085/5086;
obviously the node will not run well if it only has 10 or 20
connections. Also, back off connection attempts to a node if the
connection lasts less than 20 seconds.

Traffic padding improvements (reduced padding size to 200 bytes, laid
the groundwork for further reductions once 5087 is common by no longer
sending RequestInterval on all FNP messages, instead send smaller fixed
length packet-messages containing the MRI, one with every packet).

Fix a rare NPE, delete some unused code, add some comments, change some
logging, SuSE wants LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 (not 2.2.5) in
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