What happens? RNFs? How many connections does your node have?:
What about the routing table?:
- the summary at the top, e.g.:
Number of known routing nodes   356
Number of node references       352
Number of newbie nodes  4
Number of uncontactable nodes   8
Contacted and attempted to contact node references      348
Contacted node references       28
Contacted newbie node references        4
Connections with Successful Transfers   23
Backed off nodes        16

Oh and we have users in Tibet? Woah.

On Sun, Aug 08, 2004 at 11:48:03AM -0500, Doublecheese.com Page wrote:
> <html><div style='background-color:'><P>Dear Support Person,</P>
> <P>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I am a new user to freenet and was barely able to use version 
> 5089.&nbsp; Now I have downloaded 5090 and I cannot connect to the network.&nbsp; My 
> computer skills are not bad, i.e. if you explain something to me with detail I can 
> usually do it, but by no means am I of "geek" claibre.&nbsp; If you could help I 
> would like to connect.&nbsp; I totally believe in the philosophy behind the 
> network.&nbsp; I was just in Nepal trekking and spoke with some people from Tibet 
> who use it to communicate.</P>
> <P>Thanks a lot,</P>
Matthew J Toseland - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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