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> I'm sort of a newbie at this, but I'm trying to get Freenet to work and not
> having much luck.  I assume I don't have a connection to Freenet because none
> of the links on the Freenet website that require Freenet work.  I looked at
> freenet.log, and at the very end is this error:
> Caught java.lang.OutOfMemoryError running or seeding node
> java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
> Is this what's causing my problem?

Probably.  There's currently an issue with the seednodes.ref file.  It's big. 
So big, in fact, that loading it into memory causes an out-of-memory condition.
 A crude way of dealing with the situation is to open the seednodes.ref file
(found in the directory where you installed Freenet) and deleting half of the
entries there.  Note, however, that the problem will be fixed in the next build

If you do surgery on the seednodes.ref, remember to download a new seednodes.ref
file when you next update your node.

Seednodes can be found here:


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