>Accepted       3/1     
>DataNotFound   0/1     
>QueryRejected  3/0     
>DataRequest    1/3     
>he send 3 DataRequests, i sent 3 Accepted, and now it comes.. my node responded 
>immediately with 3 QueryRejecteds! (all numbers were always equal when reloading the 
>page, 2=2=2, 4=4=4, ...)
>the question is: why did my node reject the query?

uhm, or is the QR == RNF ??

what types of QR do exist? maybe the OCM should/could tell which type of QR the node 

another thing with the OCM page:
the nice blue/orange arrows that indicate receiving or transmitting connections are 
broken for some years now. but only recently i saw, that they *do* appear once in a 
time. alas, theis count had nothing to do with the 
'number of RX/TX'. maybe this could be fixed sometime? i really like the arrows you 
know ;)

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