> > Ouch, typo in Fuqids configuration (wrong port). Now it doesn't say that
> > node is overloaded or down, but I still can't get it to download
> > through stunnel, logs say "Fatal error in download thread: EFCPError:
> > failed: 10054".
> 10054 is the Winsock error code for "Connection Reset," which is likely
> indicative of a bad setup on the remote side. As Mika mentioned, first
> ensure that the remote node is allowing your IP address to connect to
> whichever service you're looking for - mainport or FCP. (For FUQID, it's
> FCP, and note that you lose anonymity making FCP requests to a node you
> aren't operating locally.) These are set via freenet.conf options on the
> server running the node.

Everything works fine without ssl tunnel (yes, I know, someone can sniff
unencrypted connections).

> If everything checks out, FUQID isn't properly connecting to the remote
> node. My guess would be either that stunnel is not properly setup, or
> your remote node is so overloaded that it cannot accept your connection.
> First off, make sure that your FUQID is set up to use the remote node's
> IP address, or your local SSH tunnel to that remote IP. FUQID defaults
> to localhost on the default FCP port (8481).
> I am familiar with stunnel, I use it to initiate secured IRC sessions, but
> I haven't used it in conjunction with Freenet. What is the stunnel
> command you're using on each end? Feel free to XX.XX.XX.XX out IP
> addresses. Maybe I or someone else familiar with stunnel can help.
> -s

I have following setup:

LAN(, client side, Fuqid) --> router (Linux router, firewall,
runs stunnel, ip --> INTERNET --> my.server.domainname (Linux
server, firewall, runs stunnel, Freenet node, server side)
I tried also with firewalls allowing all connections, didn't help.

Server side stunnel:
# For fproxy connection, this works fine
stunnel -O l:TCP_NODELAY=1 -d 8880 -r localhost:8888
# For FPC, does not work
stunnel -O l:TCP_NODELAY=1 -d 8841 -r localhost:8481

client side stunnel:
# Fproxy, works fine, and
https://my.server.domainname:8880 works
stunnel -O r:TCP_NODELAY=1 -c -d 8880 -r my.server.domainname:8880
# FPC, does not work
stunnel -O r:TCP_NODELAY=1 -c -d 8481 -r my.server.domainname:8841

unencrypted connections work
IP: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port: 8481

encrypted connections fail
IP: port: 8841


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