Reason for email:

I just installed Freenet on a Windows machine.  This wasn't an update, this was
a fresh install.  I told the Windows installer to not create "shortcuts", but
it did.  This is strange, because it hasn't done this before.  I went through
step-by-step, and when I got to the place where I could check "Do Not Create
Shortcuts" I checked it.  Yet, I get a Freenet icon on the desktop, a Freenet
program group entry in the Start Menu, and a Freenet shortcut in the Startup
folder.  This was for 5090.  When I updated to 5091 I told it again to not
create shortcuts and, again, it did.

Outstanding Issues:

On another note, whether or not Freenet starts up when Windows starts should be
separate from whether or not to create shortcuts.  They're logically different
(especially for those who don't know how a user sets a program to startup
automatically) and the choice has been separated in every other Windows
installer I've ever seen, making it the expected behavior.

On yet another note, can't we have a separate build updater?  Separate from the
installer, I mean.  It doesn't make sense to answer where I want the
installation to go on the filesystem, and whether or not to create shortcuts,
when I'm updating an existing installation.  update.bat?


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