I am at a bit of a loss as to how the noderef is managed by the individual
Freenet node and the upgrade script.

I am running Freenet with "do announce", which I figure has the purpose of
telling the world that I exist and would like to be added to other peoples
list of nodes. At the same time I assume that I am building up my own
internal list of good contact nodes by simply surfing Freenet and thus
interacting with the network.

But whenever I update, I get two files - the "jar" and a much lager
"noderef". Assuming that the latter contains a list of known good contact
nodes, will this file then overwrite the one I have in my system already? Or
maybe append itself to it? Or is it simply discarded by my node because it
already has one?

If the one I've built by running and using Freenet simply gets overwritten
by the noderef, wouldt that mean that my node have to integrate itself into
the network from scratch everytime I update?

To add to my confusion, I've noticed that people often get the advice to
"re-seed" when complaining about too many RNF's, and they are even provided
with a special link for that. Isnt "re-seed" what we all do automatically
everytime we update? Is the noderef from that special link "better" than the
one I get every time I upgrade?


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