> > And yeah, typically 15-20 minutes.  And when I say crash, I 
> mean the 
> > whole system powers down.  Goes to a black screen, my monitor shuts 
> > down, etc...
> That is surely a heat problem.

Yeah, I know that's what it sounds like, but that ain't it.  I finally
got it figured out today.  Apparently, SP2 reset my power-saving
settings in my display properties, so it made my monitor power-down
after 20 minutes.  Man, do I feel foolish!  But in my own defense, I've
had heat-related crashes in the past, and that's the ONLY time my
monitor ever goes into power-down mode, cuz I long ago set it to never
do that.

It WAS kinda puzzling that my monitor would go into power-down mode, yet
my PC's power light would stay on.  Usually during a heat-related crash,
it'd just reboot.  This time, it just sat there with a black monitor.
It struck me as odd, but the screensaver thing didn't occur to me right

Though I appreciate your efforts to help me.  Thanks.  

I may have to quit running it anyway.  It's starting to seem to me that
running a node is a little bigger commitment than your typical P2P
client, and that it's really more appropriate for running on it's own
machine.  I don't know that it'll be practical to keep it up and running
24/7 on my desktop system, as it is now.  But we'll see.  I'll leave it
running overnight tonight and see how things go.  I did some research
today, and did some tweaking to my freenet.ini to try to get things
working a little better.  Time will tell.

Anyway, thanks again.


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