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After starting freenet, I find that within a short space of time, my internet connection no longer works. It appears that the modem is still connected and able to send information, but does not appear to receive any information. This results in my internet connection becoming unuseable. The only way to reconnect is to perform a reset on the modem and re-initialise it. I cannot just disconnect and re-connect.

I have tried changing the max number of connections as low as 10, but this does not improve the situation. Also, I have noticed that if I surf the www internet, the modem does not have any problems (even though freenet is connected)

My system is a WinXP Pro OS, Athlon XP 2000 Processor, 768Mb RAM, I have over 20Gb free storage. My modem is a Sagem [EMAIL PROTECTED], connected to 1Mb broadband ADSL.

I had something simmilar before switching ISP, for me it's DNS that was going down when Freenet was on (or other P2P apps). To test it try and see if when you have the problem again you can access if you can then it's dns, if not then it's completely different problem. (Note: sometimes after running for a long time i couldn't even access ip addresses directly any longer, so do it as soon as the problem begins).


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