Matthew Hoffman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hello. I read through this list and the helpful guides on the
> beginners site but I am not able to find the information I need.
> Could not initialize network I/O system! Exiting
> Unable to establish loopback connection
>       at$ Source)
>       at Method)
>       at<init>(Unknown Source)
>       at Source)
>       at Source)

Either some problem resolving the loopback like Toad said, or maybe your
listenPort is already being used by something else?? This should not be the case
unless you manually set it though (especially as you reinstalled which should
choose a random new one.)

All that exception means is that the ReadSelectorLoop or WriteSelectorLoop
failed to init (should really be two separate catches IMO), somebody familiar
with the code should be able to work out why faster than I could.


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