On Thu, 27 Jul 2006, Scruple Scruple <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  Why is alpha software Freenet 0.7 being pushed onto users on the
>download page? I think it better that the stable Freenet 0.5 be featured
>as the preferred download.
> http://freenet.sourceforge.net/download.html
> Until Freenet 0.7 has open-net I do not think it is ready to be treated
>in favor of 0.5. New users are not sticking around on 0.7 because there
>are few content, finding peers harder with darknet along other problems,
>bugs and continual updates.
>Pushing 0.7 onto new users in spite of it lack of maturity is in poor form.
>  P.S. On a related topic of reports & complains about a lack of content
>on Freenet 0.7, I may have an explanation for that. I am in touch with a
>number of major Freenet (0.5) content providers since I run the largest
>media & content index site on Freenet 0.5 (FreeNova). Many users,
>including my self, are staying with 0.5 until 0.7 proves itself.
> Scruple

I agree.  I am willing to experiment with 0.7, but until it is stable
enough that updates only come a couple of times a year and open-net is
activated, I will be keeping my main content on 0.5

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