I'm new to Freenet and have been watching the discussion about version 0.5 vs 0.7. I'm not sure what is meant when the 0.5 advocates talk about OpenNet, so could someone enlighten me? I went to the Freenet site hoping to find information related to 0.5, even in the WIKI, but it now only contains information about 0.7.

I have dedicate an unmonitored Windows XP Pro machine and 1/3 of my bandwidth to Freenet. I downloaded and installed 0.7, a no brainer, and got it running, but had no nodes to connect to. I had to know another Freenet user, preferably someone I knew and trusted, and manually establish a connection to them, and they in turn had to have established a connection to someone else. Since I know absolutely no other person who is running Freenet I had to learn how to use IRC Chat so I could ask someone if I could connect to them. These connections are my sole points of contact to Freenet. I have no idea how 0.5 handles finding nodes. I don't know who these people are. For all I know they could be individuals living on the other side of town, the country, or the world and they could just as easily be members of MI5, FBI, CIA, or any number of other organizations who monitor and track messages on the internet. I do know their IP address, and they know mine. I tried to find some people who run 24/7 since having a PC dedicated to Freent fulltime, without having someone who is also on 24/7 is not worth much.

I have 7 people who have exchanged node information with me. Of the 7 nodes, none are currently connected to me, and if I understand the information, the last to go offline did so more than 14 hours ago. I can wait to see if they come back online, or I can go back into the IRC chat and try to find new nodes. I absolutely hate having to spend time in IRC chat trying to get people to exchange connection information with me. I have better things to spend my time on, and if Freenet wants my machine and bandwidth it's going to have to make sure it stays connected.

Freenet should have me put in a single node, any node, even one found on IRC chat, and spider the rest of Freenet establishing and making new connection to ensure it stays connected, or it should do something else to automatically establish connections. At any rate, once that connection is made, Freenet should randomly move my connections throughout the Freenet. I should never have hard and firm connections. By 'floating' my connections throughout Freenet it can honestly be said I don't know who I'm connected to and am simply a node in a collective whole.

I'm going to continue to watch the forum and see how things progress. I'll leave my current 0.7 Freenet installed and over the coming weeks decide whether to continue, remove and install 0.5, or just shut down completely.

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