Freenet 0.7 build 1037 is now available! Please upgrade. This build will be 
mandatory at midnight GMT on Tuesday.

Major changes:
- Update over Mandatory support. Your node can now download an update from its 
peers, even if they are unable to communicate because your node is too old. 
This will enable us to put out mandatory builds more frequently with much 
less disruption, because nobody need be left behind.
- The ability to attach a file to a node-to-node text message, so you can send 
files directly to your friends/peers. (Largely a side effect of UOM).
- A new HTL/backtracking algorithm for probe requests, which should avoid 
requests getting stuck down "rabbit holes" (sub-networks with few external 
connections). If this works for probe requests we will deploy it for real 
- Freenet should send fewer, larger packets, and those packets are padded to 
make it hard to guess the packet's contents from its size.
- Bookmarks with & in them should now be editable.
- Don't throttle local (localhost/LAN) traffic between nodes.
- More accurate pInstantReject statistic.
- Various other fixes.

Please upgrade, and if you find any bugs, report them on the support list, the 
freenet board on frost, or the bug tracker at . Thanks.

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