There's a couple of guides around on how to exchange noderef's securely, but
IMHO they all seem a bit circumstantial (or involve a third-part to hand you
digital ID's) .. so I was thinking; A and B are friends from the east- and
west-end of the country, so physical exchange via. USB stick or the likes is
not an option.
What they then do is start up their node in open mode, create a freemail, IM
each other thier freemail adresses .. "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"(.freemail is
obvious and so left out of thier IM to disguise what it actually is) or A
gives B, and B can then reply to A's mail and thereby exchange their node
ref's through freemail.
Is this a feasible method, and equally secure as the more circumstantial
methods of exchanging ref's?
At one point I was left with the impression, that you can only freemail
someone with whom you have made a ref-exchange ... but this can't be he
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