Freenet 0.7 build 1164 is out. Please let me know if auto-update doesn't work.

The main change in 1164 is no-swap-on-opennet. This should greatly reduce 
location churn on the majority of the network, and in simulations (thanks 
vive, code will be committed shortly) improves performance in pretty much all 
scenarios, with different proportions of the network darknet. What this means 
is that we should hopefully have greatly improved data 
persistence/reachability, over the coming months, because any node with 
opennet enabled will have a fixed location; location swapping is really 
designed for darknet, and will still work on darknet.

Also, there is a startup NPE fix, some fixes to announcement and the 
auto-updater, the security levels defaults and code (if you didn't use the 
wizard, the settings were inconsistent), various minor optimisations, a 
plugin interface for n2nm's, and various internal code tidyups and other 
improvements. The infamous Ubuntu bug in the installer has also been fixed, 
and work continues on the Web of Trust plugin, and saces' FMSPlugin, which 
hopefully will evolve into a fully functional web-based FMS interface.

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