On Friday 19 September 2008 17:48, Pascal wrote:
> Hi, freenet is a nice piece of software, the new installer is really 
> easy to use, but it tells nothing about whats going on. I installed 
> freenet with the run.sh script, and after a restart of my old notebook 
> with 256 MB RAM installed I wondered why there was a java process, 
> eating all the memory.
> I found that the installer of freenet on Linux installs a cronjob every 
> time I start the node without questioning. Since the freenet software 
> uses a lot of system resources, this should be optional.

For adequate performance it is necessary for Freenet to run as close to 24x7 
as possible. Unfortunately it is unlikely that Freenet will run well on a 
laptop, as it is likely to roam and have no fixed IP, always be behind 
fascist NATs, and have very low uptime. We do in fact have a config option in 
the installer. However it is not very prominent as it is under "Base system". 
We should move it out to be more visible.
> Moreover, I think, it is not a nice behaviour for an application to 
> install autostart procedures without asking or even telling the user.
> There should be at least a note in the INSTALL info file.

There is a note in the README. However you don't have the readme until after 
you've installed it, so what's the point?
> Regards,
> Pascal

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