On Saturday 22 November 2008 05:33, Markus Hahn wrote:
> Dear Supporters, dear Dennis.
> On Fri Nov 14 20:50:36 UTC 2008Dennis Nezic asked me:
> >  Out of curiosity, what kinds of things were you looking to do via 
thecommand line?
> Well, I'm using a quite old notebook with a harddisc of 30 GB in it and - 
more important - with a no more than 512 MB RAM drive. Since I've installed 
freenet there are two new processes running - as far as I may trust my 
task-manager program. One of them is called "wrapper-linux" (a name I also 
found in one of the files of freenet), the other one is some java process. 
Each of them is permanently consuming 30%-80% of my CPU power and of RAM 
memory, even at times when there is no established node on my system, I mean 
when I have not opened freenet yet and even when I am not at all online. 
> So to me it seems like freenet likes to slow down my computer but at the 
same time makes no use of that. The fact that freenet, when running, might be 
expensive for my system, is not what is bothering me.
> I'd like to gain control over these two programs, i.e. I want to be able to 
start and stop them via the command line, especially in times when i am not 
running a node. (I cannot stay online with that old notebook, what surely 
would be the best for freenet, as I have to use it at different locations.) 
At the moment I always have to "kill" them odd programs via the task manager, 
not really knowing what I am actually doing and if this might lead to damages 
in the programs or to freenet. By the way this is quite annoying.
> Thanks for your help.

You do not have to kill them. You can for example visit the web interface and 
click the Shutdown Freenet button at the bottom of the page. Another option 
is to shut down the service from the services box in control panel (where 
exactly this is depends on which version of Windows you are running). You 
should also be able to use the start menu items to start and/or shut down 

You can disable the service from the services control panel page so that you 
start it manually. However I strongly recommend against this. Freenet should 
run continually, and the computer it is run on should run continually, and it 
should have continuous connectivity. Otherwise expect performance to be 
*VERY* poor. In other words, on a laptop which is only occasionally connected 
to the internet, and when it is usually via other people's firewalled wifi's, 
Freenet is *not* going to run well. I agree that this is a problem as a 
rapidly increasing proportion of the world's computers are in exactly this 
situation, but it's not something we can fix before approximately 0.10.

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