12th June, 2009 - Freenet 0.7.5 released!

The Freenet Project is very pleased to announce the release of Freenet 0.7.5.

Freenet is free software designed to allow the free exchange of information 
over the Internet without fear of censorship, or reprisal. To achieve this 
Freenet makes it very difficult for adversaries to reveal the identity, either 
of the person publishing, or downloading content. The Freenet project started 
in 1999, released Freenet 0.1 in March 2000, and has been under active 
development ever since.

Freenet is somewhat unusual in that you can publish content to Freenet, and 
then disconnect from the network. This content will remain available to other 
Freenet users, although it may eventually be deleted if nobody is interested in 
it. Freenet will copy and move the content around the network according to 
demand, making it very difficult for an adversary to remove content. Freenet 
will automatically create more copies of popular content to ensure that it will 
always be available.

Freenet 0.7 introduced the "darknet" concept, allowing users to only connect to 
their trusted friends (and through them to their friends' friends, and the 
entire network), greatly reducing their vulnerability to attack. You can use 
Freenet even if you don't know any other Freenet users, it just won't be as 

Freenet 0.7.5 features major improvements to performance and usability, as well 
as improvements to security and robustness. In particular:

    * Freenet now uses a database to store longer-term data that must survive a 
restart. This increases Freenet's speed and reduces its memory usage. In 
particular, you can now have almost any number of downloads and uploads in 
progress without worrying about memory usage.
    * Improvements to the web interface make it clearer what you can do with 
Freenet, show progress when loading a page or file will take more than a few 
seconds, integrate search into the browse page, and generally improve usability 
in many areas.
    * Significantly improved performance for inserting and retrieving files and 
especially pages, and also for Freenet's initial connection to the network.
    * A new installer for Windows which works with Vista as well as Windows 
XP/2000 (Freenet also works on Mac and Linux systems).
    * Many other optimizations.
    * Lots and lots of bug fixes!

There are versions of Freenet 0.7.5 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. They can be 
downloaded from:


If you have any difficulty getting Freenet to work, or any questions not 
answered in the faq, please join us on IRC in the #freenet channel at 
irc.freenode.net, or email the support mailing list. If you have any 
suggestions for how to improve Freenet, please visit our uservoice page.

There is a lot of work still to do on Freenet, particularly when it comes to 
ease of use. If you have Java programming or web design skills, or would like 
to help translate Freenet into your own language, and would like to help us 
improve Freenet, please join our development mailing list and introduce 

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