I wanted to increase my datastore from 90 to 100GiB. Changed the setting,
and set 'preallocate datastore' to false (also tried with true, same result).
Shortly after restart the node starts to access each single key:
INFO   | jvm 1    | 2009/06/15 07:10:23 | PUBKEY-cache cleaner in
progress: 1376135/1380999
INFO   | jvm 1    | 2009/06/15 07:12:00 | CHK-cache cleaner in
progress: 0/1380999

The CHK process ran for more than 14 hours, and then it didn't even
reach 30% progress.
I had to stop the migration. I set the node size back to 90GiB, and
now my cache utilization is
at 5,5% (before it was 99%). So most of the data is gone. But however,
how can I increase
the store without the never-ending migration?

FYI: I run freenet on a laptop, the store is on an external USB hard disk.

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