On Thursday 18 June 2009 17:44:24 sebt...@free.fr wrote:
> Hello, and I apologizes for my english
> I install and I use Freenet for a few months last year (with downloading some
> files).
> After some weeks (from january to march this year) without connection at
>, I saw that the local server don't start.
> I'm also on an Apple macintosh :
> * OS X iMac 10.5.6 ;
> * PPC G5 2 Ghz (iMac) ;
> * 2 GB RAM ;
> * 280 GB of my 750 GB HD are free ;
> but I'm not all up to date.
> I hope I help.
> S├ębastien Th├ębault

Sorry... we have a bug preventing Freenet working on PowerPC-based Mac's (i.e. 
G4s and G5s). We might be able to get an official installer out tomorrow with 
the necessary fix, but if not, I or my friend mrsteveman1 will contact you with 
a fixed installer soon. Thanks!

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