I am replying to the support list so other people might be able to help you or 
see what the problem is. You should subscribe to it as most people only reply 
to the list (see http://freenetproject.org/lists.html ). I will be away from 
tomorrow for 1 week, so I probably won't be able to respond until at least the 

On Friday 19 June 2009 10:29:18 jrose9...@aol.com wrote:
> I'm just trying to let someone know that the darn Freenet thing isn't  
> working right! At least, not for me. I installed it, started it up, and it 
> ran  
> for a short while, before it started having trouble staying connected. 

So it *was* working fine, for a while...

> No   
> indication, of course, except that it seemed to run forever, without 
> downloading  anything, and then any attempt to open a new tab, or to refresh 
> one 
> that claimed  to be running, only produced a "Page Load Error" tab. 

A browser timeout?

Were there connections on the "Connections to Strangers" page? (Under 
"Status"). There should be 20 connected or busy/backed off peers on a healthy 
node (click advanced mode to show the summary).

> Starting  
> Freenet also  brings up a box with an error message, a "start script error", 
> or something like  that (sorry - I'm writing without notes). That one tells 
> me Freenet appears to  be stuck, and to re-install it. I close that box, and 
> Freenet starts up for a  while, but the start-up routine babbles something 
> about Jar no. 3.3.1 and Jar  no. 3.3.3. Eventually it just doesn't start, and 
> has to be re-installed. 

Ok, so the startup script times out while Freenet is starting up, but then 
Freenet works anyway.

But at some later point, the startup script still times out, but Freenet 
doesn't show up in the browser, and the wrapper.log shows something about wrong 
wrapper versions? I am fairly sure that the Windows installer uses the 3.3.5 
version of the library - what OS are you trying to install on?

And now you have got rid of it so you can't send us your wrapper.log? That 
might have been helpful; the warning about the wrapper versions is not normally 
fatal, there is likely to be something else going on, we might have fixed it if 
we had the wrapper.log.

> A  questionnaire asks why I'm uninstalling, but  
> then ignores me, and wanders  off into never-never land without passing the 
> word along. 

Sorry, there is some sort of a problem with the uninstall survey at the moment, 
we are not sure whether it is working or not (last I looked there were 2 
uninstalls in the last month, which seems highly unlikely).

> All in all, quite  a frustrating experience. The idea is  
> interesting, but still seems to need a lot  of work.

What OS are you trying to install Freenet on? When did you install it? How much 
memory does the computer have?
> I got a couple of internal error reports that said I should report them to  
> you guys, so I cut and pasted them, and included them here as an  
> attachment.
> Jerry N.  Rose

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